Welcome to our new blog where we want you to get involved. We want your tips, hints, hobbies anything that you can pass onto others.

Are you a bird watcher, seen anything unusual recently?

Do you knit, make clothes? Share a pattern with us.

What about cooking, do you make your own jams and pickles? We would love the recipes.

Grown your own fruit and vegetables? Gardening tips please.

How about recycling? Have you made something useful out of something useless. We are very eco minded and would love to hear about it.

Any energy saving tips? Everyone needs help with that.

Have you got something that you no longer need, stick it on the blog there’s bound to be someone else who does.

Plus we aim keep you up to date on events happening in your area, but we want you to do that as well. Anything from what’s on at the local cinema to amateur dramatic productions, festivals, fetes, fairs.

We will come up with challenges from time to time for everyone to take part in but this idea will only work if YOU get involved.

The Soha community is a big beautiful place full of really interesting, diverse people so lets make this happen and share something.

Have I got your interest? Then email – digital@soha.co.uk


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